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Promote the world's most popular #1 nudist lifestyle service PureNudism.com on your website and earn unmatched affiliate commission! Referred visitors simply complete a quick two-step registration process that takes no more than 30 seconds. No billing, address or credit card information is ever required for you to earn $3 affiliate revenue for every verified account!

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Detailed Benefits

$3 For Every Free Account Sign-Up

Visitors who register for a free access account at PureNudism.com and successfully verify it via instant phone verification and a login will qualify their affiliates to earn $3 for each account created. Details required for an account registration include an email address, desired username, desired password and a phone number for automatic robot verification via phone call or text message.

Up to 25% Commission Bonus to Top Affiliates!

Affiliates who demonstrate solid performance will be greatly rewarded on a monthly basis. Affiliates who earn $500 to $999 in any single calendar month will see a 10% BONUS added to their account the following month! Those earning $1000 to $2499 will see a 20% BONUS. 25% BONUS is reserved for our highest tier of $2500+ earners!

Free Accounts Never Require a Payment

At no point during the free account registration process are visitors required to submit any form of payment in order to qualify their affiliates for the $3 commission earnings. Visitors always have an option of upgrading their free account to a paid membership, however that has no effect on the affiliate commission and is not reported within our system.

Weekly Payout Settlements

Anyone in the IT industry can understand that monthly payouts are too infrequent. No matter what payout method our affiliates select, we are offering weekly settlements to all who meet our minimums. Transfer fees may apply depending on the transfer method selected.

Flexible Commission Payout Options

We try our best to provide our affiliates with the most flexible way of cashing out earned revenue. We provide our affiliates with the most flexible way of cashing out earned revenue. Transfer fees and payout minimums may apply depending on the transfer method selected.

Promotional Image Licensing

PureNudism.com owns over 350,000 high resolution images and over 5,000 videos that it presents to its customers. With specific permissions in place, some material can be licensed to our affiliates for promotional purposes on a per-case basis.

6-Month Active Referral Period for All Traffic

We credit each and every one of our affiliates fairly. Our affiliate cookies have an expiration period of six (6) months, at least twice the market average. Affiliates will earn full commission for each of their referred visitor's free account registrations that take place within six months after their initial visit to PureNudism.com.

Instant Affiliate Account Activation

After completing our quick affiliate account application and selecting a unique username and password, your affiliate account is instantly activated. Our control panel guides new affiliates in completing their profile, setting up their payout options and tracking their live traffic. Few moments after the account gets created affiliates can begin linking and earning revenue!

Affiliate Program Rules

Through exclusive photo and video documentaries, PureNudism.com offers a rare glimpse into the world of nudist lifestyle. The website's presentation reflects hundreds of family-friendly gatherings, events and celebrations not found anywhere else. In order to preserve the wholesome nature of the material and as a respect to all families involved in the lifestyle, an extensive set of rules were put together to ensure our affiliates extend the courtesy, not hinder it.


Not all websites can promote PureNudism.com content. Please take a moment to review the list of website requirements to make sure your website(s) qualify. Affiliates found breaking any of the requirements listed below will get their account suspended until the issue is resolved:

Cannot suggest or contain sexually explicit, obscene or unlawful material.
Must not be classified as "dangerous" by search engines and other online reputation services.
Must obey by all Webmaster Guidelines set forth by Google and Yahoo search engines.


Take a moment to also review our list of unacceptable zero-tolerance behaviors. Affiliates found breaking any of the points below will be banned from our network and their commission will be dismissed:

Accepting any unsolicited or spam-based traffic, sending out unsolicited email or engaging in search engine spam with any pages harboring links to PureNudism.com.
Fraudelently submitting or trying to de-fraud PureNudism.com free account registration system.
Offering incentives to visitors for completing free account registration process on PureNudism.com.
Attempting to conceal the original source of traffic.
Routing traffic through a 3rd party agent or using doorway pages.
Loading PureNudism.com website via anything other than a physical click initiated by an affiliate website's visitor.
Engage in any conduct that does not meet our standards of 'fair play' including things like fraud, confusing new users, or providing a link designed to mislead the customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment and review our commonly-asked questions and their corresponding answers. Feel free to send us a message if anything needs further clarification.

  • Q. Are visitors required to make a purchase?

    No. At no point in the process of registering a free account do referral visitors need to provide their name, address, credit card or any sort of billing information. Purchases made by your referrals after free account creation has no impact on your affiliate standing or earned commission.

  • Q. What information is required to open a free account?

    In order to complete a free account sign-up, referrals need to provide their email address, their phone number and a username and password of their choice. No additional information is required.

  • Q. What steps are referral visitors required to complete?

    Three steps need to be completed by your referrals for you to earn commission. These steps do not take longer than 30 seconds and are the following: 1. Submit a simple form specifying their “Username”, “Password” and “Email Address”. 2. Complete phone verification using a valid phone number via a phone call or a text message. 3. Login into PureNudism.com’s Member’s Area using created username and password.

  • Q. Can free registration accounts be disqualified?

    Yes. Duplicate accounts from the same referral will not qualify for a repeat commission. Registrations made by visitors who are already being actively tracked from a prior visit or another affiliate within six months will not count towards your commission. Self-referrals are strictly prohibited. If we detect fraudulent or suspicious activity from an affiliate account, we reserve the right to suspend commission until the issue is resolved.

  • Q. Can I try completing free account registration myself?

    For testing purposes, of course! Feel free to complete PureNudism.com’s Free Account Registration yourself to see how quick and straight forward the process is.

  • Q. How long are referred visitors tracked?

    All referrals are tracked for a period of six (6) months after the referral’s initial visit. Affiliates will receive full commission if their referrals complete the registration process before cookie expiration after 180 days.

  • Q. What payment options do you offer?

    We currently support Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer and Western Union as settlement payment options for our affiliates. Transfer fees and payout minimums may apply depending on the transfer method selected.

  • Q. Can I be paid using an option not listed above?

    Very possible, we are always open to new affiliate payment methods. If you have an alternative method you would like us to use please let us know and we will gladly consider it. Transfer fees may apply.

  • Q. How long does it take before I receive my first payout?

    You must be an affiliate for sixty (60) days before you are eligible to receive settlement payouts. After the sixty day period is over, settlement payouts will be made every 7 days if minimums for the selected payment method are met.

  • Q. How often do I get paid?

    Affiliates are paid one the 1st and 15th of each month unless the following conditions are true: 1. Account is is younger than 60 days. 2. Your payout minimums are not reached for the payment method selected. 3. Further account review is necessary before payment is rendered.

  • Q. Are there any limitations in receiving my settlement payouts?

    Yes. Affiliates that are United States citizens who earn more than $600 in a single year must submit IRS Form W-9 before receiving additional payment. Please check the United States IRS website for any additional stipulations that may be specific to your situation.

  • Q. How long does it take to get my affiliate account activated?

    Affiliate accounts are instantly activated right after the form submission.

  • Q. How do I validate my referral websites?

    Every website associated with your affiliate account needs to be validated. Validation takes place by placing a small text file in the root directory of your website(s). Referral traffic coming from the root location (or any folder within the verified location) of the website will qualify. You can add domain locations in bulk and verification is quick and easy.

  • Q. Do you offer a webmaster referral program?

    At this time we do not have a webmaster referral program.

  • Q. How can I track my referral performance?

    We believe good statistical analysis is the key to maximizing your revenue. You will be able to review and filter all completed account registration traffic based on date of registration, your referring website location and PureNudism.com landing page.

  • Q. How can I promote PureNudism.com?

    You can promote PureNudism.com from any website that meets our Website Qualifications and is validated to your affiliate account. We do not allow promotion with TGP, unsolicited or email traffic. For a full list of affiliate rules and qualifications please see our Rules page.

  • Q. Can I use images found on PureNudism.com?

    PureNudism.com images can be used with permission for the duration of our affiliate relationship. Accounts terminated or voluntarily closed must remove all PureNudism.com content within 15 days of the closure. Content cannot be used to promote any other website besides PureNudism.com. Websites found distributing PureNudism.com content without authorization will be found guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact us for more information.

  • Q. Is PureNudism.com content legal?

    Yes, PureNudism.com has been granted legal protection since its debut in 2001. Nothing on the website is illegal, obscene or inappropriate. Please refer to PureNudism.com’s Legal Page for detailed information.

  • Q. Are there any website requirements to join the network?

    Yes, please review our Rules page. Affiliates found in violation may see their payment settlements suspended or their account closed.

  • Q. What is your policy in regards to affiliate fraud?

    Simple: DON’T DO IT. Do not waste your time. We have advanced systems in place to detect fraudulent activity on any level. Your account will be permanently closed and you will be barred from our network if you are here to “game the system” or if you involve yourself in any of our “zero-tolerance” behaviors listed here.

  • Q. Can I have multiple affiliate accounts?

    No. Affiliates are limited to only one affiliate account and referral domain names can only be associated with a single affiliate account.

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